My drummer, my Josh!

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I just loved this video, because, is so funny see “no directioners” seeing directioner stuff, and for us (yes I’m a directioner) all this makes sense (or not, but we love in the same way), but for the others peoples is kind of weird,and silly,and wrong(yeah i mean fanfics and fanarts shippers), is another point of view on all this thing, and this is good, this actually help us to understand when people (family, friends, lover) look at us with this “WTF” face (and I know you know what I mean), and, please don’t hate the girl on this video, but watch this and enjoy a little bit of the “no directioner world” point of view.


da série: tatuagens que eu não faria, mas adoro.

da série: tatuagens que eu não faria, mas adoro.

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this is Taemin 

he came to seduce you

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perfect blue


irish accent

unmistakable voice




happy 21 prince!

{Tokio Hotel - Run, Run, Run}

OMG! years waiting for this return and now this…Amazing song,so perfect, so sweet,so beautiful. Tom is incredible on piano, and Bill’s voice…What can I say,I always fall in love. Yeah, I miss G and G on this, but I understand this is a T&B song. So happy,cant wait for Kings of Suburbia


Esse é o Ed.

Ele veio te seduzir.

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